Japan Launches Solar Technology into Space with Ikaros

1-arocketcarryIt was only last week that I was reading an article about how much garbage is currently orbiting space from the thousands of dead satellites and other space trash left behind from over the years. Well we can add another to the space landfill. Japan will be launching into space on May 18th, Ikaros a ‘space yacht’ complete with sails. The flexible sails are thinner than a human hair and also contains a form of hybrid technology as it has solar cells to generate electricity. Costing 1.5 billion yen (16 million dollars), the point of this contraption is to set the durability and effectiveness of these Solar Sails. “Solar sails are the technology that realizes space travel without fuel as long as we have sunlight. The availability of electricity would enable us to navigate farther and more effectively in the solar system.” For more details on what Japan has in store for us in their Space program head on over to to Physorg.com.

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