Qwitter Premium Services Revealed along with Qwitter Therapy

useqwitterEarlier this week it was announced that the defunct Qwitter had been resurrected from the dead and purchased by Houston-based business group Agora Technology. For those not familiar with Qwitter,  it’s a free service that lets users sign up with their email address and Twitter name to receive an email anytime somebody stops following them on Twitter. Not much else was known at the time of the press release. There were going to be changes, a premium service, and some modifications to the site but no real specific details. Well we got a chance to talk to C.E.O Brad Harris about some of the new and exciting changes to Qwitter, including the introduction of a companion site called Qwitter Therapy.

Some tidbits we learned was that the overall design of the site would stay the same and the introduction of Qwitter Therapy would be a place for those who were ‘Qwitted’  to go and lick their wounds, so to speak.  This was created because of the polarizing nature of the site and was a tongue and cheek idea that would help bruised egos laugh off getting unfollowed. Basically turning a negative into a positive. That part of the website may not be updated as often as some would like, but look for that to change. Expect the Qwitter mascot to give you good mental tips, a pat on the back (albeit virtually) and motivation to continue going, even if you were unfollowed.  Qwitter Therapy will be set up in a whimsical fun way and updated more often.

So on to those basic and premium services. Basic services will introduce digest emails basically a list of people who unfollowed you that day. Due to public demand, users didn’t want to keep getting notification after notification everytime they where Qwitted, so users will be pained in one fell swoop rather than every hour on the hour… So expect summary emails every 18 hours or so. The next thing to go, is the last tweet you made before you were dropped. In many cases these ‘last tweets’ weren’t even relevant as to why a person qwitted you, so mentioning them in Qwitter summary emails are going to be stopped. Lastly the summary emails will include some ads. Hey, a site can’t run on love alone, or in this case lack of love, however Mr. Harris promises that the ads wouldn’t be intrusive at all.

The Premium services will cost you less than 3 cups of Starbucks for the year and will eliminate ads in your summary emails for the day. In regards to summary emails – if you pay for the premium service, they can be more frequent at your discretion. So instead of waiting 18 hours or so to know if you were dumped, you can find out sooner if you so choose. You can also add additional Twitter accounts and you will be able to track Qwitter analytics. Pull reports that tell you when  your highest unfollow rate is and what Tweet you made to cause a walk-out on your Twitter account. Worse case scenario, it may encourage you to ramble less about the delicious fruit you just ate.

So there you have it, the latest lowdown on Qwitter. Expect these changes to happen within the next couple of days and Qwit wisely.

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