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tokidoki Launches New Makeup Line Exclusively at Sephora

4754_C10_TokiDoki_061(2)Rushing to the launch party for tokidoki’s new makeup line for Sephora, I booked it through Midtown Manhattan hoping to find the event space without a problem. Still light outside, I arrived at the address and peering into the space, I felt like I was about to enter either a time warp of some awesome club on a Saturday night. Walking into the space, I was surprised to see a full sized skate ramp complete with three skater chicks doing tricks, full sized tokidoki characters dancing and mingling with the party guests, and donuts served on light sabers. I knew I was in the right place.

tokidoki, the lifestyle brand brain child of Italian designer Simone Legno is all about fun and the criminally cute. Growing up in Italy in the 1980s, Legno was inspired by the Japanimation cartoons and comics that were flooding the culture. Putting his own spin on the idea, Legno launched his brand in the form of clothes, toys, and accessories, and now makeup. tokidoki is a brand that emphasizes technology and has released USB keys, ear phones, and other technology pieces in the past. Now venturing into the world of makeup, tokidoki is partnering with Sephora, a brand Legno says understands “the relationship between fun, creativity, self-expression and color unlike any other retailer.”


And tokidoki’s new makeup line ain’t your grandma’s rouge. Designed much like their lifestyle brand to be innovative and cutting edge, the line blends the criminally cute with the quality makeup that Sephora stands by. The makeup itself is a hybrid between indigenous Japanese and Italian ingredients (much like tokidoki itself) and professionally milled powder formulations and makeup artist approved brushes and tools. The collection features various eyeshadows, palettes, lipglosses, lip stains, bronzer, powder, blush, nail polish, and then some fun items like key chains, makeup bags, and tank tops. The makeup is innovative because it adds both adorable and functional design aspects to every product. For example, the Prisma Gloss, $16, is housed in a standard plastic lipstick stick but has an attention to detail that most $16 lipglosses do not. The twist off top of the lipgloss houses the glittery skull and crossbones and a little tokidoki skull figure hiding in the cap of the gloss. Aside from packaging, the lipgloss applicator is made of silicone rather than a standard brush for longevity and ease of application. Ok so we get it, the packaging looks cute but is the makeup decent? From what I sampled from the gift bag, yes! The lipgloss is non-sticky and has a light purple hue that gave me that subtle “I just ate a grape popsicle” look. Other innovative products include palettes that are housed in a ring box style case that houses complementary eye shadows as well as a hidden little tokidoki character on the bottom of the palette. So cute! All the eye shadows are housed in the signature skull and cross bone style to add a little glam to your makeup bag.


At first glance, the tokidoki makeup line is adorable. The innovative packaging embodies the signature tokidoki style and I love the attention to detail such as the hidden tokidoki key chain characters in the palettes and in the top of the lipgloss. What makes this line different is that it combines innovative design and the tokidoki style with professional grade Sephora quality makeup. From what I’ve tried, I’ve been impressed with the fact that tokidoki was able to create a hybrid between the novelty of the tokidoki line and the quality of the Sephora brand.


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