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Teeth Whitening Headset Lets You Listen to Music While Bleaching Your Pearly Whites

photoNo the man in this picture isn’t being possessed by aliens, he’s getting his teeth whitened – while listening to music! Beaming White’s Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset makes the experience of whitening your teeth more pleasurable. The kit comes with a music headset that you can connect to your iPod or computer so that you can be entertained while you’re whitening your teeth. So what is up with those scary blue lights you ask? These blue LEDs use the same wavelengths as the professional teeth whitening machines do.

The Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset and Kit is also quick – it comes with everything you need to get the bleaching process done within an hour. – that includes a music headset with 2.5w blue LED light, a battery pack, a vial with hydrogen peroxide gel, a cheek retractor for easy application, and a carrying case.