Wicked Lasers Evolution Pro High Intensity Laser Pointer Review

screenshot_16Forget anything and everything you know about Laser Pointers because you have never seen a “laser pointer” like the Evolution Pro. Wicked Laser’s $118 Evolution Pro is an extreme laser, by all definitions of the word. At night you can vividly see the laser’s green path virtually as far as the eye can see. We’re talking a couple of hundred yards. Even in the daytime you can shine this laser a couple of hundred yards away and clearly see its powerful green dot. You may not see the laser’s green path in the day time, but the reach and clearness of the laser’s green dot is extremely impressive. Indoors, the Evolution Pro will easily illuminate an entire room. The laser is so powerful you’re only supposed to use it with safety goggles. It can even pop balloons, light matches, melt thin plastic, and burn skin when pointed close range for a few seconds. So, yes, this is not your typical laser pointer.

Set Up:
Unscrew the back of the Evolution Pro and pop in two AA batteries negative end first. Put your safety glasses on and press the small black button to start shining away.

The Evolution Pro is much bigger than the other laser pointers you may have experience with. It’s a bit longer than a full sized pencil and has the girth of a penny. It’s crafted from aircraft-grade black aluminum and has a very nice heft to it. The Evolution Pro feels very empowering sitting in the palm of your hand. It’s like your own personal sized lightsaber. The small raised black button will activate the laser and there’s an LED indicator light right above it. There is also a tactical clip attached to the Evolution Pro to easily clip the pointer to a pocket.

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The power of the Evolution Pro is just out-of-control impressive. It will leave all of your friends in awe. Because it is so powerful, it will not function as a presentation pointer… unless of course everybody has the tinted safety goggles on. At night the laser’s powerful green beam is very clear. The beam looks as if it travels an infinite distance. If you shine it into the sky you will not be able to detect where the beam stops. In the day time you may be able to see a slight beam path, but you will certainly see the laser’s dot up to a couple hundred meters away. Indoors, the Evolution Pro will illuminate the entire room green. Without safety glasses, this function will start to hurt your eyes after a while. You will be able to shine the laser into cracks and crevices which have not seen light in a very long time. The safety goggles will eliminate all light illumination aside from the laser’s dot, which kind of takes the fun out of it, but we do appreciate having good eye sight. We weren’t exactly sure what this type of high-intensity laser pointer could be used for, but we thought up a few great uses. It could be an incredible teaching tool to use outside, day or night, to point out various facets of nature (just keep it away from the eyes of any animal). It could also prove to be a very powerful tool for anyone in the construction or landscaping industries. I found it helpful prior to letting my small dog outside in the backyard. I was able to do a quick sweep of the area to check for, and potentially ward off, any predatory animals. The battery lasts a full 30 minutes, but since you probably won’t be using it nonstop for 30 minutes you can get at few hours of fun out of just two AA batteries.

While we weren’t exactly sure what to use Wicked Laser’s Evolution Pro for, we had tons of fun trying to figure it out. It’s very important to keep the laser away from eyes as it can be very damaging. It’s a federal offense to shine this at aircrafts, so don’t do that. It’s also extremely dangerous to shine the laser at automobiles or any moving vehicle. It’s a very empowering feeling to hold the Evolution Pro in your hand. It really does feel like you have your own NASA-crafted lightsaber. The 20mW Evolution Pro that I reviewed can be purchased from WickedLasers.com for $117.97. The goggles cost extra at $39.99. Wicked Lasers has Lasers of various sizes and intensities on their website some costing thousands of dollars. So if you’re looking for a gift for that special someone who seems to have everything, Evolution Pro could be the perfect choice (plus as an added bonus, you can let them pop all of their birthday balloons with it).

Good: Only requires 2 AA Batteries, lots of fun, great for pointing anything out in the distance

Bad: Doesn’t come with safety goggles, expensive


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