Philips HeatProtect Laptop Sleeve Review


It’s not so uncommon to risk second-degree laptop burns just to browse the web for a little bit longer. We’ve all been there. Philips’ 2-in-1 HeatProtect Laptop Sleeve is a protective case to tote your laptop and also a three-layer cooling lap desk which will keep your thighs nice and burn-free. It even sports a hidden handle and compartment.

One side of the HeatProtect Laptop Sleeve is made of a comfortable neoprene casing, which is the side sitting on your lap. The other side is made of hard, non-slip, shock-absorbing EVA with passive heat ventilation. The inside of the case is made of a soft-suede like material. The zipper’s teeth are rubberized so you don’t scratch up your laptop inserting it into the sleeve. There is also a storage compartment and a hidden handle inside. The case has a dark grey/light grey color scheme which looks good in casual and professional environments. The 14.1” HeatProtect offered an extremely tight fit for a 15” Macbook Pro, the 15.4” HeatProtect would be a much better choice. The 14.1” provided a perfect fit for my 14.1” IBM T43p, with some room for flat accessories. The 14.1” HeatProtect also fit my 13” Macbook Pro, but with a little more wiggle room then I prefer.

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Most laptop sleeves are made of just neoprene and do not offer very much heat protection for your lap. It’s great to see a sleeve that can accomplish both tasks. It seems like a pretty simple concept. As a laptop sleeve, the HeatProtect functions very well. It offers much more laptop protection than the standard neoprene sleeve. As long as you purchase the appropriate sized HeatProtect, your laptop will fit snugly with room for documents, discs, and other non-shapely items. The hidden handle is also very useful. It makes for much easier laptop transportation. The HeatProtect offers good heat ventilation. After an extended period of time your lap may get a bit warm, but this is mostly due to the weight sitting on your lap. The area which the HeatProtect did not function so well is the non-slip surface. It was very difficult using my HeatProtect sleeve if my laptop was angled and not sitting completely flat, parallel to the ground. When sitting upright on a chair or a couch, I had no problems. When laying on my bed with my legs bent, my Macbook would slip right off of the case. I had to flip the HeatProtect around so my laptop is sitting on the Neoprene and the hard surface is on my lap. In this case the neoprene offered more slip protection. The non-slip surface worked a bit better with my IBM T43p, but still not well enough to use at a comfortable angle.

Overall, the Philips HeatProtect is a great choice for anybody in the market for a laptop sleeve. Not only does it offer more protection than the standard neoprene cases, but it doubles as a heat absorbing lapdesk. Finally, you can be productive with your laptop away from your desk. The HeatProtect even features a hidden handle, another rarity for standard neoprene laptop cases. The HeatProtect worked perfectly when sitting upright, as most people use it. There was some difficulty when laying down with HeatProtect, using my laptop at a slanted angle. Flipping HeatProtect around seemed to solve this issue, and still provide heat protection. HeatProtect is sold in 4 sizes 10.2”, 13.3”, 14.1”, and 15.4”. It’s available now for $39.99, just ten dollars more than the standard neoprene laptop case.

Doubles as sleeve and lapdesk, hidden handle, hidden compartment, easy opening
Bad: Difficult to use on slant

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