Back To School Dorm Gadgets – The College Animal House Edition

We gave our take on a boat load of helpful back to school items a few weeks ago. But now lets drop the educational parts and focus on what we all really care about – the stuff that will get us through frat/sorority parties and long nights cramming and dancing till the break of dawn. So this is our list of top must-have gadgets to get you through this semester in style and coolness.

We all know first impressions count when meeting the new students in your class. When you first pull up in the your car, be sure to show off your tail pipe…ahem…. the one on your car, silly, with a Street Glow Led Exhaust Tip. This fast and furious led glowing tailpipe looks delicious in the dark and doesn’t even require batteries. Just use the universal mounting system, step on the gas and go. It also comes in blue, red and green.

So you park your car and enter that tiny dorm closet, err, room, and right away you need to do get your decorating on. First thing you should do is to get one a cute little Ghetto Blaster Mini Boom Box, a 360 Spring Speaker or the MP3 Retro Speaker Amp and plug them into your iPod to play some tunes. No good decorating comes without music to get you in the groove. Just look at what they did in the dorm room in Revenge of the Nerds. Did I just date myself? Next, show your spirit for the college football team and put up one of these awesome NCAA college football neon clocks. Not only do they look cool, but they’ll keep you from missing that next class from all those late night parties.

Did someone say party? Hell yeah! Lets get this party started already. After a long week of hitting the books, we all need to blow off some steam. Why not start the party right with a few cold ones? I don’t know about you, but I hate warm wine coolers and I also hate getting up from the computer so that’s why I want one of those USB Beverage Coolers that plugs right into my computer. Just plug in the USB to your computer and this super mini fridge will keep those drinks cold till the wee hours of the morning. Let us also not forget the tried and true Wine Rack Bra , that is basically a party in your shirt!

But don’t show up to the party without the right fashion accessories, especially if you’re geek chick at the next Star Trek theme party. These unique watches are from out of this world for sure. Not sure how you tell the time on these things, but who needs to know the time when your partying it up.  But the best fashion accessory might be the one you just cant see unless you look really close. The BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt is a right out of 2998. No more fumbling around the messy drawer getting stabbed by knives or a costly and painful dentist visit trying to open that beer with your teeth. This ingenious robot shirt has a built in bottle opener made out of its hand. It’s built tough, comes in black, and can be cleaned right in the regular wash. Be the geeky party savior when no openers are in sight, or it can serve  as an excuse to get be the center of the party. So let the party begin — responsibly of course.


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