TK-421 iPhone 4 Case with Flip-out Keyboard is Better Than the iTwinge

Well I think every iPhone user has just died and gone to heaven, and the BlackBerry is about to a take nap for the rest of the night, because the TK-421 iPhone case with flip-out keyboard is here. It feels like the second coming of the infamous iTwinge. In November, Think Geek will enable the impossible and provide us with the best of both worlds by turning your iPhone 4 into a Droid…. or rather, they’ll be launching a case with a built-in keyboard that rotates out when needed. The keyboard connects wirelessly to your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 via Bluetooth – Awesome! The TK-421 iPhone case with flip-out keyboard will retail for $49.99. Lets hope that the TK-41 really shows up, an doesn’t end up like the iTwinge that never actually materialized. Can someone please put this in my Christmas stocking this year!

Update 12/9/10:Check out our TK-421 Review!

Don’t forget to click on the image below for a full animation of this case in !


  1. the picture of the keyboard where the guys is holding the phone and the picture of the keyboard by itself are different keyboards

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