Agloves are Afforable Gloves for iPad, iPhone and and Other Touchscreen Devices

We’ve covered all sorts of iPhone friendly gloves over the years – including everything from Dots Gloves, Echo Gloves, to the TouchTec’s luxury leather gloves. Now yet another company has joined the market for touchscreen gloves. Agloves has created touchscreen friendly gloves by knitting silver yarn through out their entire glove. They chose silver (Ag) because it is the most conductive element. These gloves promise to keep your hands warm while still allowing you to operate your touchscreen device with all ten fingers – whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S, or whatever. Best of all, Agloves are very affordable and retail for just $17.99.


Elegant. Agloves are everyday, unisex gloves that happen to work brilliantly with touch screens.

Precise texting. Ordinary gloves can serve many different purposes, touch screen gloves should let you text. Above all else, we made sure that when wearing Agloves, people could text and type with accuracy. It may take 5 minutes of practice to get the hang of wearing gloves, but the snug fingertips and lightweight design let users text and type at normal speed. Some wears even tell us that they can text more easily because of the ooomph of conductivity provided by the silver.

All 10.
Wearers can use full screen keyboards like Ipads, because the gloves give 10-finger, in fact, whole hand conductivity.

Warm. How can lightweight gloves be warm? Silver provides natural thermal conductivity to even out temperatures in your hand. It traps some of the infrared radiation generated by the body to keep the wearer warmer in cold weather. Silver was the design solution to warmth in a precision touch screen glove. Your own body heat inside the Agloves keeps your hands warmer than expected when walking down a city street or running on a trail. Give them a try, you might be surprised. If you participate in outdoor sports such as skiing, we recommend that you use Agloves as glove liner.

Very Cold.
For capacitive touch screens to work tiny amounts of moisture, salts, and oils on your skin must be present to create conductivity allowing electrons to flow between you and your device. When the tips of your fingertips are not conductive enough due to dryness and cold, some touch screen gloves stop working. With Agloves, the bioelectricity from the palm of your hand flows through the glove to your fingertips to maintain your connection.

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