Colorware Grip for iPad Review

Colorware threw us a curve ball a few weeks back when they came out with their first iPad accessory, the Grip for iPad. The company has developed a reputation for colorizing popular gadgets with spectacular customizable colors, but the Grip for iPad is actually the first time they’ve come out with their own product.

So what is the Grip for iPad? There is definitely no iPad accessory quite like it out on the market. This pseudo briefcase is designed to wrap around the edges of your iPad – kind of like a bumper. The Grip is made of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure a secure fit around your iPad. When you purchase one, you get to customize the Grip’s Handle and Frame color for an extra personal touch. Our specific model came with a soft touch finish. On one side it sports a durable handle so by using it, you’re essentially transforming your iPad into a grab and go device. The Grip also allows you to hold your iPad in varied, convenient one-handed positions, that most cases wouldn’t enable you too.

Unlike just about every other iPad case out there, this one needs to be assembled. Colorware does provide you with the tools you need for assembly and they even have a helpful video guide on their site for guidance. Assembly basically requires unscrewing several screws, than fitting your iPad inside the Grip’s frame and re-screwing the screws in. The process takes just a few minutes. This screw-based design ensures that the iPad stays securely situated inside the Grip. The down side of this is, that it isn’t exactly practical when you need to quickly and easily remove the iPad from its frame. You’ll need also need to be a bit careful when sliding the iPad into the Grip’s frame, so as not to scruff the iPad’s sides

Overall, the Grip for iPad is well made and quite the looker – especially since you get to customize it with two colors of your choice. Let’s just say, the Colorware Grip for iPad definitely makes your iPad pop. The Grip for iPad also ensures a very secure fit for your iPad – you can shake it around and turn it upside down, and your iPad will stay securely fit inside of it. We also like that the Grip for iPad is made in the U.S.A. That said, our gripes with it includes the fact that it leaves your iPad with limited protection since both the backside and frontside are left unprotected. But most of all, it’s the price tag that we can’t come to terms with. Sure, Colorware is more or less a luxury company, but unless you have Louis Vuitton monograms decorated all over an iPad case – $300 for an iPad accessory is just too much too ask for, even if it is customizable. In our opinion, you might be better off sending in your current iPad to get colorized by Colorware for $400.

The Good: Unique slim design, well made, customized colors adds pop to your iPad, makes your iPad grab-and-go friendly.

The Bad: Back and front side of iPad is left unprotected, requires tools to set-up and remove the iPad, way too expensive, won’t work with docks.

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