The Anti-Sleep Pilot Will Keep You Alert While Driving to Grandma’s House

Many of us will be traveling within the next day or so, whether it’s to family or friends or for pulling an all-nighter for Black Friday deals. Whichever it is – most likely we will be behind the wheel and we’re likely to get tired. The Anti Sleep Pilot is the modern day NoDoz. It’s a gadget that will sit on your dashboard and keep you awake if it determines you are falling asleep. When you set it up, it will initially ask you a few questions and you will have to answer them by inputting it into the device. After that, the device will record the movements of the car, are you swerving perhaps? Going a bit to slow or fast? The ASP will further keep you on your toes by giving you random tests throughout the drive and will help you maintain your alertness. And by how fast or slow you react to these test, the device will calculate at what level your fatigue is. If you really are just too tired to drive and the ASP senses it, it will send off signals and lights telling you that you need to take a break. Currently the Anti Sleep Pilot is available  for purchase in Denmark but it will be making its U.S. debut shortly.  At-least we know driving in Denmark must be safer these days…

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