Behind the Scenes at NewEgg’s Distribution Center

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes at a massive electronics e-retailer like NewEgg? We sure have. Yesterday we got a tour of NewEgg’s massive state-of-the-art distribution center in New Jersey. While there were no elves in sight, since they are undoubtedly very camera shy, we were impressed with Newegg’s operations. The fact that we were surrounded by nearly 400k square feet of gadgets certainly tickled our fancy. To be more specific, the warehouse contains over 80,000 sku’s and houses just about every major CE manufacturer, besides Apple.

Serving the North East, their NJ distribution center handles roughly 15 thousand orders a day, which is about 40% of their total sales volume. But Black Friday supersedes that number and is their busiest day of the year. That is why they have all those empty boxes lined up against the wall  – it’s all in anticipation of the madness that will be Friday.  Their other distributions centers are in California, Tennessee and Mississauga, Canada.

NewEgg will be offering a slew of made Black Friday deals in a few days, but this year they started early. They’ve renamed the month Black November and each day they have special featured items and discounts going on. What have you missed so far? One such featured deal was a 120GB Western Digital External hard drive for $19.99. Needless to say, thousands and thousands flew off their shelves – or racks. But the great deals for November don’t stop with Black Friday. Monday is also Cyber Monday and they plan on rolling out deals on that day too. The following Monday they’ll again be offering super special discounts on Green Monday. Hope your wallets are ready for all of this exercise.

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They’ve also just introduced a limited time only Hassle-Free Holiday Policy that applies to many of their products and which will extend the return period from 30 to 60 days – with no restocking fee. Order by 3PM and your new toy will about on a delivery truck to you that day.  They also plan on having a daily giveaway in December, along with  a 10K shopping spree. In addition, as always they’re offering special promotions via their Facebook and Twitter presences.

NewEgg has been synonymous with modders and PC enthusiasts for a while now, and personally, we’ve only had good experiences buying from them over the years. When they took us on a tour of their distribution center, they of-course threw lots of sales pitches at us and talked a lot about what they have going for the holiday season this year. That said, we were very impressed with the efficiency and enormousness of their distribution center. Truth be told, we’ve never been to a dotcom distribution center, so we don’t have much to compare it too, but there is no denying the fact that the company has the process down to a T. For those of you who still prefer to shop at your local retailer, you might consider taking NewEgg’s free iPhone app with you – which is kinda sneaky. It’s designed to take with you while your shopping at brick & mortar stores so that you can scan in a sku and see how much the product is at NewEgg.

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