Verizon Says R.I.P. to White Pages in Several Cities

Can’t say we didn’t know it was coming, but the White Pages are about to expire permanently in several states – including New York, Florida and Pennsylvania where Verizon Communications request to stop distributing them has been approved. The phone company’s argument is that most people use the web to look up people’s contact info. By quitting production of these books, the phone companies say that they are also helping reduce environmental impact. As for the future of the Yellow Pages? According to the Yellow Pages Association, they seem to have plenty of shelf life yet. As a matter of fact, just recently, the Yellow Pages went high tech by adding QR Codes to its pages.

“Anybody who doesn’t have access to some kind of online way to look things up now is probably too old to be able to read the print in the white pages anyway,” joked Robert Thompson, a pop culture professor at Syracuse University.

We can’t say we’re upset about this news, but why is it still so hard to find some people’s contact info online? Try doing a people search and see for yourself how many dead ends, spam sites or sites that require you to pay for access you’ll run into.

(Source: AP News)

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