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Kenneth Cole Digi-Touch Touch Screen Watch Review

In a world where physical buttons are a thing of the past, Kenneth Cole presents their Digi-Touch KC1668 Touch Screen Digital Watch. Kenneth Cole has crafted yet another well designed time piece to complement the wrist of a male or female. The oversized digital screen displays day, date, and time as the default display. Alternate functions include chronograph, timer, alarm, and second time-zone. It is water resistant up to 99 feet and features a backlight.


The black and chrome color scheme on the Kenneth Cole’s KC1668 touch watch gives it a classy professional appearance; but the oversized screen and digital face gives it a fun and fresh look too. The watch body is stainless steel, the frame around the face is black, and the screen white on black. There is a chrome Kenneth Cole New York logo above the screen, and red labels around the perimeter of the screen for light, mode, start/stop, and set/reset. The KC1668 actually has one button; this button enables 10 seconds of touch usage. This prevents accidental touches from registering.

The wristband is black silicone with a chrome buckle. The band is just as wide as the watch face at the point they connect. It narrows out as it gets closer to the buckle. The face is 1.675″ wide. This is a relatively big face, even for females, but it’s okay because big is in!

As mentioned, the face is white on black; though it’s more grey on black. Depending on the lighting and angle, the face can appear dim, making the backlight handy. The black background also makes the face a fingerprint trap, which is exacerbated by the touch buttons. The display itself is limited to the number of characters it can display. The characters are much like those on an old-school digital clock. The backlight illuminates all of the characters in blue, for three seconds at a time.

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The silicone band keeps the watch comfortable and light. It also keeps the watch from sliding up, down, and around your wrist–a nuisance that gets rather annoying with metal band watches. There are enough holes on the band to accommodate wrists of all sizes. Because it’s so light (just over three ounces), and doesn’t slide around much, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. A+ for comfort.


The Digi-Touch KC1668 has most of the features common to a digital watch. It includes a backlight, timer, alarm, chronograph, and a second timezone. The battery life is supposed to last a full year. You get one free battery change and tune-up courtesy of Kenneth Cole. The watch is water resistant up to 99 feet. It beeps every time you press a button unless you turn this option off in set up mode. You can’t get rid of the beep entirely, as it will still beep when touch features are enabled (by pushing the physical button) and when the touch features are disabled (10 seconds later). The KC1668’s alarm gets loud enough to wake you up–it consists of high pitch beeps. Touching the face will shut the alarm off.

Thoughts and Conclusion

As a watch, the Kenneth Cole KC1668 Touch Watch works perfectly and looks great. You can see the day, date, and time at a quick glance, all on one screen. It sports all of the essential features a timepiece needs and then some. Since it’s digital, it should have no problem maintaining time. The band not only looks cool, but it keeps the watch extremely comfortable, which is key. Overall, this makes a great everyday watch because it subtly pairs fun and new-age with business-professional. The KC1668’s weakness is actually its main selling point: the touch. The touch is not a necessary feature, and it’s rather finicky. You have to press a physical button on the side just to enable touch. This means to illuminate the face you need to first press the physical button on the side, then touch the upper left portion of the screen near the “light” label. Until you figure out where the sweet spots are for each touch button, you’ll have to put a full-on finger print on your screen just to register the touch.

Aside from the finicky touch buttons, and the slightly dim screen, the Kenneth Cole KC1668 Touch Watch has been a delight to wear. I have received quite a few compliments on it. Kenneth Cole has a whole line of Touch Watches with different designs. The KC1668 retails for $125, which is not bad for a nice watch, but it can be purchased for as low as $81.66 on Amazon–making it a pretty good buy. It even comes with a limited Lifetime Guarantee.

The Good: Comfortable, Great Everyday Watch, Affordable, Large Screen with Large Text, It has got a touchscreen!
The Bad: Touch is finicky, Face is a bit dim, Backlight is only 3 seconds, Watch is on the large size for most female wrists

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