PARO the Robot Seal is Ready to be Cuddled by Exhausted Reporters at CES 2011

When I feel lost in two weeks, or in need of hug because I’m drained and exhausted from working at CES, I’m going to be heading over to the Robotics Tech Zone at CES where PARO the Therapeutic Robot baby seal will be. PARO will be making its debut at CES and amongst the hardware apps, e-readers, tablets, and zillion Android phones, this gem will be nestled on the show floor and may end up being one of the highlights of the mania that usually is CES. PARO has already showed up in many nursing homes around the country and has taken the place of Pet Therapy. He has thus far earned a reputation of making seniors as well as the staff members smile and fall in love with the cuddly and adorable robot. The reality is that this little guy doesn’t really do much else but coo, turn its head, and bat its eyes, but sometimes that is all it takes. So is this the beginning of the Cylons? Only time will tell, but in the meantime you’ll see me cuddled up with it on the showfloor wishing I was home in bed and snuggling with my teddy bears…whoops was that tmi?

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