Speakal Cool iPig is the First iPod Speaker Dock that Operates with Hand Gestures

We are no strangers to Speakal’s adorable iPhone/iPod Speaker Docks. They have brought us the iPanda, iBoo, and iPig. Well today they have just launched the new Cool iPig. So what make this dock anymore special than the others, well for starters this pig looks bit more futuristic and it also is the first dock to respond to hand gestures and signs. The Cool Pig has built-in IR motion sensors, just place your hand in front of its face and it will start playing music, when you place your hand on the top of its left ear the volume will increase or place your hand in front of its nose and it will stop playing the music altogether. The Cool Pig is a totally new way of interacting with your speaker dock and the best part is, it will probably be the most sanitary device in your home because you don’t have to actually touch it, to operate it. It features a 15 watt subwoofer, two mid-range speakers, two buzzers and a super sound amplification system. It will dock almost all generations of the iPhone and iPod and also sports a 3.5mm input jack for external devices. Speakal promises that Cool iPig will be shipping soon, however there is no pricing available yet.

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