The Boogie Board is set to replace Post-It Notes forever

Remember those Magic Slates of your childhood? You’d doodle all over them, then one wipe and they were clean and ready to use again. Improv Electronics have created their own version of this, but given it a digital twist. The Boogie Board is a slim LCD screen which allows you to create digitized notes and then wipe clean with a swipe of a button, meaning you’ll never need a post it note again.

The tablet is pressure sensitive so you can vary the thickness of your strokes depending on how hard you push, and the included stylus is comfortable to hold in the hand. The Reflex LCD used in the Boogie Board tablet is made of flexible plastic which makes it a lot lighter and more durable.

The idea is that you use the Boogie board as replacement for all those bits of scrap papers and notes that you leave over the house- enabling you to be greener and have a little more fun with your doodling!

It runs of a sealed 3volt watch battery, so will have a really long lifetime. Ideally I’d like to see an option where you can save your notes, as I don’t want to delete everything, but overall the idea is great and so well thought out- one of those ‘why didn’t they do that before’ moments.

Prices start at $39.95 for one Boogie Board.

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