Google Ad Placement Attracts More Stares Than Bing According to Study

So which site do you eyeball more? Google or Bing….that is the question isn’t it. When Bing first launched, User Centric conducted an eye tracking study to compare Bing and Google search results pages. Now they have upped the ante and have conducted a study on which site holds our attention more with regards to ad placement.

“Twenty-four Internet users between the ages of 18 and 54 participated in the study. Participants conducted an average of 48 online searches per week using both Bing and Google, with at least five searches per engine. Participants’ eye movements were recorded with the Tobii T60 eye tracker integrated in a 17-inch monitor.”

So what where the main stand-out results of this study? Google’s top sponsored results received more eye time than Bing’s. Google also held more interest on organic searches and Bing on the left pane. At the end of the day the study proves that advertisers need to battle it out for your attention by placing their ads above the organic search results, where the hit rate was more than three times higher and interest more than five times longer than on the sponsored links on the right. Advertisers should also keep in mind that placement among the top sponsored results on Google attracted 22% more attention than the same placement on Bing.

[Via User Centric]

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