Mimoco Debuts New Tokidoki Mimobot Flash Drives at SXSW 2011

Amongst the panels, queso, and beer at SXSW 2011, one company has actually announced a tangible product and not a social app – Mimoco. Today Mimoco announced a new line of Tokidoki Mimobots. This is not the first time Mimoco and Tokidoki have worked together to bring their adorable flash drives to the world. Their latest Mimobot’s are SANDy and Sabochan. These adorable little flash drives feature the Tokidoki aesthetic and the Mimobot charm. Both SANDy and Sabochan come pre-loaded with screensavers, icons, avatars, and an infectious design that can only me admired by both Tokidoki enthusiasts and Mimobot devotees. Both little fellas will range from $19.95 to $40 depending on the capacity which ranges from 2GB to 16GB.

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