iPad App of the Week: Cablevision Brings TV to the iPad with the Optimum App

Looking to add just one more TV to the house? Maybe in the kitchen, or anywhere else where a TV would not be practical, at all? Well, Cablevision is letting its customers use their iPads as televisions with the Optimum App. It’s free to all Cablevision customers, and will deliver television content straight to the iPad, but through their digital cable service, not over the Internet (so, you’ll only be able to use the app at home, in range of your cable box). While you are using it, your iPad will literally just be a television screen, though you will have the ability to adjust DVR recordings and search for content. You’ll also be able to view On-Demand shows, which is certainly a nice feature that is currently lacking in the the Time Warner iPad App. It’s free, so  customers might as well check it out – maybe you can finally have that television in the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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