Apple to Dump Intel Processors From their Laptops

According to online news outlet, SemiAccurate,   Apple is about to dump Intel’s processors from their laptop line, and possibly even their desktop line too. SemiAccurate has been told that this change won’t happen very soon, but that this is still a sure thing. 

Ever since Apple started producing their own chips for their iPads and iPhone, there has been much speculation that they would transition to developing their own processors for their computers too. However, it is not clear whether or not Apple will choose to switch to use and develop their own system processors, or if they will get chips from other competitors like Samsung or Global Foundries.

But if you’re finding this all hard to believe, it’s worth checking out SemiAccurate’s track record with this sort of information. Initially they were scoffed at, but they were actually amongst the first to report that Nvidia was on the outs with Apple.

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