Asus Padfone Tries to Be the Atrix of Tablets

Has Asus learned nothing from the Motorola Atrix 4G? And that is that generally, people don’t want to dock their gadgets inside of other gadgets. But Asus tends to disagree. At Computex 2011 they have unveiled the much rumored Padfone, an Android tablet that has a special compartment on its back side that is designed to dock a smartphone. This type of “convergence” of a smartphone and tablet is the first of its kind.

So what are some of the benefits of having your tablet swallow up your Android smartphone? For one thing, the tablet can charge the phone when it runs low on battery. The tablet itself can also benefit from the partnership, by piggybacking off of the smartphone’s 3G internet access. Not much else is known about the Padfone yet, except that for now, it’s a 10.1 tablet that is able to carry a 4.3″ smartphone on its backside.

Asus makes some beautiful products, especially when it comes to laptops and ultraportables. And while they do get some credit for trying to think outside of the box by producing a tablet that isn’t one and the same like every other tablet out there — you still gotta be wondering, who would actually care about having this type of form-factor in their tablet?

Now go ahead and check out one of the most painful product promotion videos ever below.

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