BlackBerry App of the Week: Facebook 2.0 Beta Upgrade Now Available

You might remember about a month ago, we brought you news that the Facebook 2.0 beta was available for BlackBerry smartphones. Well, the beta has been positively received, and has a brand new upgrade for BlackBerry Beta Zone users to check out. The beta upgrade features BlackBerry 5.0 support. Chat enhancements are a big focal point, with the addition of the phrase ‘____ is typing a message,’ which shows up when your friend is responding to a message. There’s also a quick search bar that will filter through your friends list quickly. Also new in this upgrade is the ability to view mutual friends from the info tab on a friend’s profile, as well as their entire friend list. Probably most welcome is increased integration with the BlackBerry OS – you can click on any form of contact information (email address, phone number, PINs) and either use them with one touch or save them to your contacts list. There are a few speed upgrades and extra tweaks to round out the upgrade. If you’re a Beta Zone member, check it out for free right now!

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