Move Over Bin Laden, Lady Gaga Drops Her Song list On Twitter

If Twitter gets the ‘Fail Whale’ permanently beached on its site today, it would be no surprise. Between the news of Bin Laden’s death yesterday and now the announcement of the song list to Lady Gaga’s new album debuting on Twitter at the moment. Its servers must be sweating bullets to keep up with all the latest tweets going around the world.So without further adieu, below is the official song list @ladygaga has just released for her upcoming album that will drop on May 23rd.

1. Marry the Night
2. Born this Way
3. Government Hooker
4. Judas
5. Americano
6. Hair
7. Scheibe
8. Bloody Mary
9. Bad Kids
10. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
11. Heavy metal Lover
12. Electric Chapel
13. You and I
14. The Edge of Glory

So there you have it – 14 new songs, or in some cases 11 new songs because many have already heard ‘Judas’, ‘Born this Way’ and even ‘You and I’ (If you went to her recent concerts, she performs it). The tracks themselves don’t tell a specific a story (perhaps I need more time to study that) but it certainly looks like its going to be a one wonderful ride once it debuts.  I mean wouldn’t you want to ride the Lady Gaga mutant Harley from the cover?! Also don’t forget the JUDAS video premiere is 5.5.11 on E! 7pm eastern /6pm central  and  11:30pm Eastern/10pm central.


 Born this Way Special Edition Tracks

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