NOOK Simple Touch Reader Debuts, Hands-on First Impressions

Watch out Amazon Kindle 3, the all new NOOK Simple Touch Reader is coming for you. Just 18 months after launching the NOOK 1st Edition, and claiming 25% of the digital book market share, today in New York, Barnes and Noble is looking to step on some big toes and has announced the next generation of the NOOK.  Weighing in at only 7.48 ounces, the new NOOK is 35% lighter and 15 % thinner than the NOOK WiFi 1st Edition.

The NOOK Simple Touch Reader boasts an ergonomic design along with a soft-touch back for easy handling. It’s petite measurements may be impressive but holding a battery that lasts for two months on a single charge is even more so.  The device also sports a full screen E Ink pearl display technology which promises less ghosting/flashing than the Kindle 3. Otherwise, it is quite simply an eReader – nothing more, nothing less.

If the print is too small for grandma or for those who have destroyed their eyes looking a computer screen all day long – no problem. Customers can customize their font sizes for an enjoyable reading experience – from 7 font sizes and 6 font styles. There are also screensavers than can be personalized just by transferring photos to the device. When the device launches on June 10th, you will also have access to a plethora of accessories,  all the elegant, fun, and classy accessories you have come to love for the original NOOK and NOOK color will be available for the NOOK Simple Touch Reader too. Not only will you make a statement because of its tiny size but also with its bold case.

The NOOK Simple Touch is not only a dedicated eReader , but it will also open a whole new world with its social integration. You will be able to share recommended books via Facebook, Twitter, with Barnes & Noble’s exclusive LendMe technology, you can also lend eligible books to your friends at no cost for 14 days, and see and request to borrow friends’ LendMe books. Lastly, in a few weeks, Barnes and Noble will also be launching a whole new custom website called mynook.com, where customers can get recommendations from Barnes & Noble expert booksellers access their NOOK Library , and manage their device on the fly.

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The NOOK Simple Touch Reader is the perfect summer beach companion, with its new E Ink Pearl display, reading in the sunlight is cinch but what is even better is the price of only $139. So what becomes of the original NOOK? Well while supplies last, their prices have been slashed from $149 to $119 for the WiFi version and $199 to $169 for the WiFi and 3G version .

With our brief hands-on with the device, we can already see it ending up as a holiday gift list winner this year.  It flicks through pages effortlessly as we swiped our finger across the screen, whereas the Kindle 3 seemed to flash just too many times. And yes, the Android OS still lives on in the Nook Simple Touch Reader with version 2.1.

Will women want it? Yes! Will men want it? Yes! It’s affordable, easy to use, and will attract demographics from young to old. Which is why it is launching just in time for Father’s Day. The NOOK Simple Touch Reader is not just another eReader, it’s looking to revolutionize how you read.


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  1. Hi, I am considering the new nook. I currently am a member of anor organization which I can download books to read to my mother. I convert the .xml file to an .html and then convert to epub. Will the new nook simple reader supporto this epub book? Thanks in advance, and as soon as I get a reply I will pre order the new nook simple reader.

  2. The new nook will definitly support your epub files. Youl just have to plug it in to your computer and sideload the content, wich is about as simple as loading a flash drive.

  3. HI, and thanks for reply, that is the process I have been using so far with my last two readers.  Nice to know I can continue.  Preordered mine today and am looking forward to receiving it in June.

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