SmartSense Shawl is a Snuggie for Radiation-Phobes

Two moms get together and they start freaking out about all the radiation that they and their families absorb on a daily basis from cell phones, WiFi, microwaves, etc. So what do they do? They come out with the SmartShawl, a “stylish” wrap that is designed to cover a woman’s chest and belly to help protect them from potentially dangerous radiation exposure. This, they say is especially important for pregnant woman or for those concerned about getting breast cancer. But what do you do to protect the baby once it is born? Wrap them in a SmartShawl 24/7?

Remember those anti-cell phone radiation stickers that you used to see everywhere? Did they actually reduce a phone’s SAR levels, or was it all hocus-pocus, we’ll never know for sure. SmartShawl is coming soon and will retail for $34.99. But if you’re not the shawl-wearing type, they also produce SmartCovers which can act as a shield covering a microwave or what not.  SmartCovers cost $29.99 each and come in different colors and patterns.

And a word of advice – for whoever dares share a link to this product with my mom, I will likely never speak to you again, since you know that once you do that, she is going to make me wallpaper my apartment with this stuff.

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