Vonage Offers Unlimited International Calling to Mobile Phones

Vonage has added two new World plans that don’t just offer unlimited international calling to landlines, but they also offer unlimited calling to international mobile phones. These plans are the first of its kind to offer unlimited calls to mobile phones world wide. For $14.99 a month (for 3 months then $25.99/mo) , you can sign up for Vonage World, which features unlimited calling to mobile phones in 10 countries including Canada, China, India, Thailand and Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, their more expensive World Premium Unlimited plan extends that offer to a total of 40 countries, including mobile phones in the UK, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Israel, Colombia and Brazil.

While many VOIP providers offer unlimited international calling plans, those plans have traditionally been limited to just landlines. That means that if you call a mobile phone overseas, regardless of your plan, you would have to pay additional per minute charges. So although $54.99 might seem steep for Vonage’s World Premium Unlimited plan, if you frequently call abroad to friends and family using their mobile phones, then this plan can potentially save you lots of money.

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