Dr. Dre’s Pal DJ JAM Get’s His Own Headphones, the Tank Platinum

DJ Loli Lux did it and so did Josh Madden, now its DJ JAM’s turn. Known as being the “Official West Coast DJ” and hip hop tour DJ for Snoop Dogg and Dre, DJ JAM is getting his own pair of headphones  with Aerial7.

The Tank Platinum headphone has a high gloss UV white finish, with gold AERIAL7 stitched on top and gold logos underneath the white headband. It also sports swivel ear cups with spring return for single-sided monitoring, has two cables which include a thick coiled screw on cable for standard music players and a thin straight cable with microphone for mobile device use.  It would be interesting to see if Dre lets him spin with these on his ears, versus the beats when they tour together…The DJ JAM Tank Platinum headphones from Aerial7 retail for $90.

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