M&M’s iPhone 4 Cases Won’t Melt in Your Hand

Incipio is very well known for making sleek and trendy accessories for your iPhone, iPad, and just about every other gadget. So it’s newest addition is particularly  sweet. While not officially available on their website yet, we got a sneak peek at their newest iPhone 4 and iPod Touch cases that feature those famous M&M’s characters. Yes the gang is all here Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Each case is more adorable than the next. For the new M&M’s cases, Incipio is actually using some of their existing cases as the shell but has redesigned them with a sweet twist. For instance, one case that just features a bunch of M&M’s candies as the design on the exterior, actually uses the Dotties case as its base. This means the case is very customizable and allows you to swap out and mix and match other M&M’s candy colors that are included. When the M&M’s line of cases do become available, you can expect them to retail anywhere from $29.99 to $34.99. Between these cases and the Jelly Bean iPhone 4 cases earlier in the week, your iPhone is sure to get a cavity on no time!


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