Tuff-Luv iPhone 4 Case Review

Tuff-Luv, a UK Case Manufacturer, has recently sent us their Saddleback Brown Leather Hide case for iPhone 4. If cases with covers are not your thing (it’s not for us either!) you can still read on as Tuff-Luv makes the same case without a cover. 

The Tuff-Luv Saddleback certainly has a unique look to it; this is our first iPhone 4 case made with genuine leather hide. It has an elegant, yet rugged, appearance. It’s comfortable to hold and almost has a suede-like feel to it. There’s essentially two parts to the one-piece case, the iPhone 4 enclosure and the cover. They are connected at the top of the case, so the cover flips up, not down. The cover is rigid with cushioned padding on the outside. There’s a small flap with a button that snaps the cover to the back of the enclosure. Around the entire case, cover and enclosure, is brown stitching. The enclosure fits iPhone 4 perfectly, it has a cutout for the camera and for the volume buttons and toggle. The bottom is completely exposed for access to the mic/speaker/dock connector. The top is also exposed for access to the headphones and lock button. When the cover is snapped to the back of the case, the dock connector is covered and so is half of the lock button. Even with the cover, it’s still a pretty slim case.

While this type of genuine leather hide is very capable of showing scratches, Tuff-Luv positions this as “every scar on this [case] tells a tale”. Some people prefer this rough look.

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All-in-all the Tuff-Luv Saddleback Brown Leather Hide case for iPhone 4 is protective, slim, looks good, feels good, and even smells good. This is one of the few iPhone 4 cases that actually protects the screen. Also you don’t have to worry about antenna degradation caused by direct contact to iPhone. If you’re not into a case with a cover you can check out Tuff-Grip’s Saddleback Slim-Line Genuine Leather Hide Moulded Case Cover. The only real problem we had with the Saddleback is that it is pricey, going for $46.99 (+$5.23 shipping) on Amazon. 

The Good: Built-in Screen Protection, Unique Looking, Ruggid Look, Feels Good, Maintains Slimness
The Bad: May come with Scratches, Expensive, Snap on Back Adds Awkward Bulk

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