NewYu Fitness Monitor Knows When You’re Slacking Off

There are more and more fitness products coming out everyday. And let’s face it, they all pretty much do the same thing – and that is to monitor how many calories you’re burning. Fortunately, the new NewYu Fitness monitor with some neat tricks up its sleeves. For starters, it’s not only able to monitor how much calories you’re burning, but it’s also able to identify the  specific activities that you’re engaging in. This way, the device can tell you how much calories you’re burning while your cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. To that effect, NewYu is designed to be worn the whole day. It has a built-in clip, that can clip onto your waistband, shirtsleeve or collar. At the end of the day you can log-on and check out your NewYu personal dashboard where you can manage your health and fitness goals and see all of your calorie information as well as track progress with charts. This data can also be synced in real-time with a free NewYu app that is available for Android. A mobile version of the NewYu website is also available for iPhone and other smartphone users. The NewYu Connected Monitor is available for pre-order and will retail for $99, in a choice of charcoal or white.


  • Body Placement: NewYu is designed to be worn in the torso area – clip it on your waistband, shirtsleeve or collar – this placement allows for an accurate detection of full body movements.
  • Personal Dashboard: The NewYu monitor works in partnership with the online dashboard, which gives you a home base for health and fitness goals. Users can track progress and fitness trends via easy-to-read charts, as well as provide access to calorie information on tens of thousands of foods via CalorieKing’s database to easily track calories consumed.
  • Sync: Data from the NewYu device is synced with the online dashboard real-time via the free Android app and Bluetooth or using computer.
  • Experts: Health and fitness professionals play an important role in helping people stay fit, so through the dashboard, these experts can view clients’ fitness and diet progress everyday and then offer exercise and diet recommendations.
  • A Community:  NewYu also offers ConnectYu – an online social community where users can connect with each other to find workout partners, get encouragement and more.

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