Android App of the Week: All the Press You Can Handle Packed Into PressReader

Yeah, pretty much every newspaper has their own app out now. But, how many actually present their news in app form looking like an actual newspaper? If you have a craving for an authentic newspaper experience on your Android device, you can look to PressReader, an app that offers over 1,900 different newspapers and magazines from 95 different countries to newspaper enthusiasts. This isn’t a standard news app, though. Every single publication is digitally reproduced to look exactly like its print counterpart. You’re actually reading the newspaper again – just, you know, on your high-tech smartphone or tablet.

You can try the app out for free at first, before opting for a subscription or a pay-as-you-go plan. The subscription, which opens unlimited access to all newspapers and magazines available, is $29.95 per month. If you want to go with the pay-as-you-go option, each download will run you $0.99. As an added bonus, the app has been optimized for Honeycomb, the latest version of Android – good news if you’re an Android tablet owner. If you need that old school newspaper feeling paired with your device of the future, give PressReader a look.

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