Fly Like the Wind with Cideko’s Air Racer for Tablets

Get ready to vroom vroom with this latest accessory for your tablet. The Air Racer from Cideko is a tablet holder that will take playing racing or flying games to a whole new level. It can adjust to hold tablet sizes of 7″ to 10.1″. So that means both an iPad or even the different assorted sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will fit nicely in here. The tablet locks into place in the center of the Air Racer’s wheel, giving  you full gyro control of the games you are about to play.

Another interesting twist is that the Air Racer also doubles as a transmitter for your TV. It comes equipped with a built-in transmitter & receiver that enables you to transmit audio and video from your tablet to your TV, so friends or family can watch you crash and burn while you play on the Air Racer.  The Air Racer will connect to the TV via an HDMI connection transmitting 1080P video quality to your TV.

There is no word on pricing or if it will ever make it to the states. But it’s a good possibility that it will make it here, since many of Cideko’s other products have made it to Amazon over time.

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