Dyson’s DC37 is the First Cylinder Vacuum Featuring the Patented Ball Technology

Dyson is best known for their patented ball technology that can be found in their line of upright vacuums. Well now that technology is coming to the canister vac or what Dyson likes to call the cylinder vacuum. At IFA 2011, the Dyson DC37 was on full display showing off its unique design and technology.

The DC37 is Dyson’s first cylinder vacuum with patented ball technology for easy maneuvering around the most stubborn corners. We have all had the traditional cylinder ( canister vac) once in our lives, many still do. They fall over, they get stuck, and never go were we want them too. It’s truly a love/hate relationship. By adding the ball technology to this vac, Dyson hopes to eliminate this problem that leads to hair-pulling.

The DC37 also features a central steering system, with articulating chassis and central pivot point for tight turns around sofas and the like.  Compounding that with Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone, which Dyson claims captures more microscopic dust than any other cyclone on the market, this is truly one mighty machine.

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James Dyson: “We thrive on engineering challenges, and our first Ball cylinder posed quite a few.  Cramming over 100 components into the ball itself. Compressing the airways, concealing the motor and ducting and devising a new steering mechanism.  We’ve miniaturised the technology to deliver our most maneuverable cylinder vacuum yet.”

The DC37 will also come with a Musclehead floor tool that self-adjusts across all floor types. Using air pressure, it will retract brushes as it senses carpeting and hard floors. The DC37 will be available from October 2011 and will retail anywhere between £439 to £549 . No word yet if this will be suctioning its way to the U.S.


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