Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone is Waterproof and Facebook Friendly

Does anyone even care about dumbphones (non-smartphones) anymore? Well Huawei seems to think so, because they have just deemed up with Discovery to Huawei Discovery Expedition mobile phone. The phone takes cues from Discovery’s heritage and is designed to  be both water proof and dust proof, and shock resistant. This is a phone that Huawei says is targeted at the outdoor enthusiast, which means it’s designed for both adventures and clumsy types. It also comes with built-in GPS for helping wandering adventurers find their way, and a built-in torch.

There is no mention of pricing or other specs, but although you can be sure that the phone is hardly a smartphone, the phone does come with Facebook and Twitter integration. So you’ll be able to quickly update your status to let everyone know you just nearly missed splitting open your head on that cliff.

The Huawei Discovery Expedition mobile phone is set to go on sale in quarter four 2011.

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