Aranez iPad 2 Kangaroo Leather Notebook Case Review

Aranez is proud to present the world with the first ever Kangaroo leather case for iPad 2. Apparently roo leather is known to be the “best performance leather” as it is light and tough. The case features a fold out lap stand, accessible ports, and card pockets.

The iPad 2 Case is black kangaroo leather with silver stitching. There’s a magnetic seal that snaps the notebook closed. On the inside of the cover are three card holders and a fold out lapstand. On the other side is a plastic holster for an iPad 2. iPad is slid into the tight grasp of the plastic holster from the top. iPad sits on top of a soft micro-fiber lining and is very secure in place. There’s a large cutout on the bottom to accommodate all types of iOS chargers; right next to it is a smaller cutout for iPad’s speaker. Along the side is a large cutout for the volume buttons and toggle switch. The top of iPad is fully exposed. The back of the case has a small circular cutout for iPad’s rear camera.

The Notebook Case’s foldout flap uses magnets to keep it secured to the inside of the case while it’s not being used. To mount iPad pull the flap out and fold the front of the case behind the iPad. It can only prop iPad up at a typing angle, but it’s nice and sturdy.

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We don’t know how much more durable Kangaroo leather is from regular leather, but we’re proud to say after a week of use we don’t have any scratches yet. As for iPad, it’s pretty well protected and secure inside of the Kangaroo case. Our only concern is if iPad is not pushed all the way into its holster, the top left corner could be exposed and take the brunt of a fall. Other than that scenario, we feel very confident in the protection of the notebook case. The plastic holster protrudes past iPad’s screen at two points, so if it falls with the case open, there’s a good chance iPad will be okay. The case comes with a leather care kit including spray and a wipe. While it’s protective, it’s also pretty heavy.

There are very few iPad users that can boast about their case being made of Kangaroo leather. It’s luxury at it’s finest (we suppose). Of course the finest of leather comes at a price. The iPad 2 Notebook Kangaroo Leather Case by Aranez can be purchased for $119.95 (+12.95 shipping). At $132.90, this is by all means an expensive case, but at least you can sleep soundly knowing it comes with a 10 year limited warranty. Even us tech snobs would opt for a more functional case that can at least prop iPad up at multiple angles. A magnetic smart lock would be nice too!

The Good: It’s Made of Kangaroo, Protective, Durable, Nice Looking, Props up iPad, Card Pockets, Good Cutouts, Comes with Leather Care Kit, (Smells Great)

The Bad: It’s Made of Kangaroo, No Magnetic Smart Lock, Only Props at Typing Angle, Heavy, Pricey!


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  1. I would not recommend this case – or the manufacturer: I purchased one and the inside plastic frame cracked after a few months. The warranty has not been honored and repeated emails with the company were not answered.

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