Samsung’s Clean With NaviBot S Takes One More Chore Off Your To-Do List

Nobody likes cleaning house. Unfortunately, not too many people like those automatic vacuum cleaners, either. They tend to miss a lot of spots, or not clean thoroughly. Samsung is planning on changing that conception with the Clean with NaviBot S.

The concept of the automatic vacuum cleaner has been around since the legendary Roomba, but it’s never been done as well as what Samsung has created. Almost everything is done for you. Vacuuming is just for starters. When the unit goes back to its home dock, the dust container is automatically emptied into a larger central bin that is easier for you to take out, and needs to be take out far less often. Not a fan of cleaning the hair off the brushes of your vacuum? The NaviBot S dock does that for you, too.

True cleaners know the value of the white glove treatment, and know that most automatic vacuums rarely pass muster. The Clean with NaviBot S has your back there, too. It automatically senses when it is picking up larger volumes of dirt in a given area, and spends more time there. Mapping is more robust, too. Over time, the vacuum will store a rough map of the area within the unit, and clean according to that information. If you need to turn it off halfway through the job, the unit will remember where it left off and head back to that area of the house on its own. Basically, this means it won’t spend half of its battery life bashing into the same wall like a rabid dog. Thanks to intelligent technology, it won’t pull a lemming and careen off the top of your staircase, either.

This is an automatic vacuum that might actually get the job done right the first time. As an added bonus, it’s quiet and compact – you’ll barely notice it. It’s hard to imagine an improvement on the Clean with NaviBot S short of Rosie from the Jetsons, and at this point, I wouldn’t put that past Samsung, either.

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