Smile for the Philips Wi-Fi Photoframe

Philips is banking on their new digital photo frame making everyone smile in bunches. So far, so good. The Philips WiFi Photoframe unveiled today at IFA Berlin makes the world of digital photo frames incredibly easy and intuitive for even beginner users.

The photo frame will maintain a constant Wi-Fi connection, which makes up-to-date integration with Facebook or Picasa possible. You can sync to both, and in the case of Facebook, select which friends you want to come up on your frame. Account set-up and communication with Facebook and Picasa are handled from within the frame, so you don’t need any external devices to use the digital photo frame to its fullest.

SimplyShare allows for wireless connection to camcorders and digital cameras, which figures to be like everything else on the Philips WiFi Photoframe – fast and easy. You can also receive photo emails directly on the photo frame. The device has 2 GB of internal memory and has slots for SD cards and memory sticks, so you can store pictures on the device and sort them into albums that will rotate based on settings you choose.

The Philips WiFi Photoframe seems like the photo frame of the future, and it’s hard to match the kind of user-friendliness it brings to the table. Keep an eye out for more information.

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