Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones From Monster Review

Style and quality sound usually don’t come cheap in headphones, nor have they ever looked this cute. However the Harajuku Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones from Monster are all of that. Monster’s latest pair of in-ear headphones are not only adorable to look at and wear, they also sound pretty darn good. For the price point you would assume something would have to be sacrificed, but fortunately style and substance go hand in hand with the Harajuku Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones.

What’s in the Box

-Harajuku Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones
-5 clip-on Harajuku girls: G, Angel, Love, Music, Baby.
-3 different silicone eartips sizes
– Heart-shaped travel case
– Heart-shaped carabineers


It’s pretty obvious that Monster collaborated with Gwen Stefani on these Harajuku Lovers In-Ear headphones. The style is whimsical yet hip and will appeal to women across many age ranges. The inclusion of 5 clip-on Harajuku Girls that can be attached to the flat tangle-free headphone cable only ups the ante to make this a unique one of a kind product. Each clip-on is well made and features specific details that make each Harajuku girl stand out. The clip-on girls come in pairs, and depending on where you apply them on the headphone cable, they can end up looking like earrings instead of just adornments on a pair of headphones. You can also mix and match the girls to create your own customized style.

The clip-on girls are small in size, so we were concerned that it would be easy to lose them after a wearing them for a while. Fortunately, the clips have proven to be sturdy and able to clasp on to the headphone cable securely.

The earbuds themselves are a bit on the larger side and are made of plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap in your hands. Monster also included 3 different sized silicone eartips as well. Unfortunately the eartip sizes don’t really work well for those with smaller ear canals. So you may find yourself buying additional eartips till you get the right fit. Along with the additional clip-on Harajuku girls, there is also a heart shaped carrying case included to keep everything together in one place, and out of harms way.

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For headphones that retail for $59.99 at Target and Amazon, you would probably expect a less than spectacular sounding experience, but fortunately we were pleasantly surprised. That’s right the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style actually both look and sound wicked.

The bass reproduction is pretty impressive and the mids and highs are crisp. In fact on some tracks, too crisp that it hurt my ears and created some distortion in a few songs. Pop and dance genres performed well enough, whereas songs with heavy guitar riffs didn’t perform as well, but the piano in the background of ‘Someone Like You’ for example, shined through. Overall, the sound reproduced on these in-ear headphones certainly has its low and high points, but like we said – for the price point, they certainly performed much better than expected. Just the fact that we exhibited any type of low-end was pretty impressive at this price-point.


The Harajuku Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones are innovative, hip, sound good and are priced right. What more could you ask for? They may not give you the most stellar listening experience, but you do get an adorable pair of affordable headphones that will make heads turn. If you don’t care for the clip-on Harajuku girls, there is also Harajuku Lovers Space Age In Ear headphones and Harajuku Lovers Super Kawaii In-Ear Headphones.

The Good: Design concept is out of the box and adorable; construction is solid down to the clip-on girls; good sound quality for the price point; tangle-free headphone cable.

The Bad: No hands-free feature; even though sound quality is on par for the price, it would have been been nice if the sound reproduced was balanced; some distortion experienced on songs that exhibited lots of highs; including some smaller eartips would have been nice.




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