Kung Fu Panda 2 Mugo Players Will Karate Chop Your Ears

These four Kung Fu Panda mp3 players are going to wage an all-out assault on your ears! Mugo is selling these hybrid mp3 player/flash drives, and they’re packing some pretty impressive artwork based on the Kung Fu Panda series. Each one in the line – including Po, Master Shifu, Monkey, and Tigress – has 2 GB worth of storage and an audio jack on the top of the character’s head. Music doesn’t have to be the only thing on Po’s brain, though – you can store any files you need to, as with any other USB drive. Each mp3 player/flash drive can be purchased from Mugo’s website for $55. It’s kind of a flying kick to your wallet, but the solid artwork just might make the price worth it for fans of the movie series.

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