Samsung Teases Google TV Launch at CES 2012

Reports are out that Samsung is working with Google to release a Samsung Smart TV that runs Google TV. This is following reports that LG will be unveiling their Google TV compatible television in January at CES 2012. Neither Samsung nor Google has stated that there will be any news about the Samsung Google TV at CES, but it’s hard to see them staying away from a venue that big, especially considering the ground Google TV needs to make up.

Google TV launched last year to less than rave reviews, and the Sony Google TV was pummeled in the sales department thanks to poor design choices and a high price tag. Google TV 2.0, a software update that runs on an altered form of Android Honeycomb and features updates to the YouTube interface, launched last month, and will come standard on all future Google TVs. Version 2.0 leans heavily on Internet capabilities and ease of use, which is no surprise – Google TV needs all the Internet functionality it can get. Hulu Plus, NBC, ABC, and CBS have still refused to allow their programming to be shown on any televisions running Google TV.

The partnership, if it comes to fruition, figures to be an odd one, since Samsung has already found success with its own in-house Smart TV interface. At least for now, it looks like Samsung will be competing against itself, which is even more perplexing when you consider that Google TV has a less than stellar reputation. Keep an eye out for more about the potential Samsung Google TV as we get closer to CES 2012.



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  1. Hope we get some thing usefull with these companies colloborating.Samsung smart tv’s doesnt have all the features enough to browse through tv.I expect we get more features with in tv.

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