iPad 2 Photograph Frame is the Last Nail on the Digital Picture Frame Coffin

The iPad 2 Photograph Frame seems like such an obvious gadget, yet it’s only till we stumbled on to it at Hammacher, did we actually see it for real. There have been iPad 2 stands galore and other weird contraptions to stick your iPad into but none of them have been a traditional photograph frame.

The frame allows for the iPad 2 to slip in easily and dock. It also has a built-in “home” button. Your iPad can work as digital picture frame while docked inside this device or the frame can rock it old school and just display an ordinary photo if the iPad 2 is not around.  The picture remains hidden behind the iPad 2 when it is docked but when the iPad 2 is removed, the image is revealed. So the frame is never left barren.  The iPad 2 Photograph Frame comes in a dark cherry finish with adjustable stand for landscape or portrait viewing. I can hear the digital picture frame industry collectively sighing right about now…

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