Rumor Has It – iPad 3 Coming in February with Retina Display

There is a new Apple rumor going around, and this one will hardly surprise you. But according to CITI analyst, Richard Gardner, Apple’s plans for the next iPad include a device with a retina display. The analyst also predicts that the iPad 3 will be slated for a February release.

This rumor is pretty much a no brainer and it would actually be a shock if the third generation of iPad doesn’t show up with a retina display. Apple has been using their excellent retina display since the iPhone, which is why many speculated that the retina display was going to show up on the iPad 2. When the iPad 2 arrived touting the same display as its predecessor, many were disappointed.

Currently the iPhone 4 and 4S use a retina display with a resolution of 960 x 640 resolution, and a 326 ppi. This is in comparison to the iPad and iPad’s 2 display which has a pixel density of 132 pixels per inch.

We’re looking much more forward to the rumors about a super thin and even lighter weight device than the current  iPad 2.  An iPad 3 running on 4G LTE and a price drop rumor. Now rumors likes those really pique our interest. Bring those on!


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