Aerial 7 Fuse Headphones Review

The Fuse is a new twist on the traditional headphones from Aerial 7. These guys already have several great lines of headphones. But the Fuse line offers more versatility by incorporating the Sound Disc System. So the headphones can be removed and used with one of their many styles of beanies. This is a very cool idea and especially useful in the winter.

What you get in the box is pretty straightforward. You’ll find one of the four designs (Amethyst, Burn, Juice and LipStik) of retro-looking headphones. The cord detaches about 1/3 of the way down, making it easier to remove the headphones or beanie without having to take your mp3 player out of your pocket. This concept comes in real handy when your snowboarding and you take a break at the lodge. It’s such a pain when your wire gets all tangled while taking off your hat or your jacket.

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The cord also has a clip at that point so you can attach it to your shirt or jacket. That is a nice touch as well. And of course it also has inline microphone and one button control for use with iOS and Blackberry devices. The cord could have been a bit thicker, as it is, there is a slight tendency to tangle.

The Fuse headphones are pretty comfortable to wear, though they do have a tendency to slide forward. The frame itself has a twist, which seems to be for the purpose of fitting better. It could be just me, but it didn’t seem to be any better than a standard straight frame design.

The primary concern is, of course, sound quality. I thought they sound very good for their price-range. The bass did not seem quite as strong as some other headphones, but it didn’t fall short by much. Given the style of the earpieces, there is not a lot noise canceling either. Though the coolest feature of these is that they can be interchanged with a Beanie.

In conclusion, the Fuse headphones by Aerial 7 won’t disappoint. And they are especially cool if you purchase them in conjunction with one of the Aerial 7 Beanies. There are a lot of companies making headphones nowadays, but Aerial 7 has done a great job of combining headphones with fashion. The Fuse is available right now for $60.

The Good: Sound Disk System makes your beanie come to life with great music.

The Bad: A bit of a loose fit, so one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

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