You Will Want to Sunbathe with the Solar Powered Etón Rukus

So, if I told you that the Etón Rukus is just a Bluetooth-enabled sound system, you’d probably roll your eyes. Nothing to get excited about. Fortunately, the Rukus does an admirable job of distinguishing itself from the pack with very clever and inspired design choices.

The Rukus ideally runs only on solar power, thanks to a 40 square inch monocrystal solar panel on the top of the device. If necessary, the sound system can be plugged into an AC outlet, but it seems possible that the Rukus won’t need it. That’s because power consumption is kept low by the choice to use an E Ink SURF segmented display, which only shows battery strength, Bluetooth connectivity, and solar charge indicator, rather than an LCD display. It can also charge other devices using the USB port.

The Rukus sounds like it’s ready to survive a bit of a ruckus, too – it has a very durable, solid design that works for well for people on the go or for those who work in rough, sometimes hazardous environments.

The Etón Rukus is slated to hit stores sometime in Q2 of this year for about $150, and there appears to be a non-solar version in the works, as well (see picture below).

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