IKEA Loves Their Cardboard Boxes in New Ad Campaign

A brand new IKEA marketing campaign is about to kick off, and it looks like a celebration of the DIY culture that the self-styled “Life Improvement Store” has established. AUGE HEADQUARTER, the advertising agency behind the new marketing push for the Swedish company, constructed models of IKEA furniture built out of the cardboard boxes they come in. They managed to capture the hands-on spirit in practice, too – the agency actually built the models and photographed them in studio, rather than using digital magic to make it happen. It’s a clever idea, but AUGE HEADQUARTER aren’t necessarily pioneers in the field of IKEA cardboard box furniture – I distinctly remember a former roommate of mine handily beating them to the punch by a few years.

In other IKEA news, one of the mega-store/high-quality meatball restaurant locations in West Chester, Ohio, is now officially solar powered, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to make their stores more environmentally friendly. The solar installation is a 128,ooo square foot photovoltaic array that includes a 1,026-kilowatt system made out of 4,186 panels. Per year, the store’s switch to solar will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of what is produced by 180 cars or 115 homes annually. The West Chester store is the 14th IKEA location in the United States to go solar, with 23 other store locations in progress. And, here’s another sight for sore eyes – IKEA contracted a United States solar firm, REC solar, to develop, design, and install the array. And to think they had me at the meatballs and the comfortable bed displays.

Via Freshome and Market Watch

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