Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera Uploads Photos for You

Despite rumors of Kodak planning on filing for bankruptcy, the company has announced two new innovative imaging products at CES, including the Kodak EASYSHARE M750. Everyone hates wires, and fortunately, the new Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera is all about cutting the chords. This wireless camera has built-in Wi-Fi sharing that makes it super easy to instantly transfer your photos to your computer, as well as to photo sharing sites, and even Facebook. The M750 is designed for moms and anyone who loves taking photos, but also appreciates being able to share them as quickly and painlessly as possible. Just plug the Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera into an AC outlet, when you come home, and it will ask you if you want to backup your photos to your computer.

And in order to make the camera even easier to use, the camera sports a 3″ touchscreen for operation, along with a dedicated share button. Hit the dedicated share button and a menu will pop up, offering you options to upload your photos to Flickr, Kodak Gallery, Facebook, YouTube, Walmart.com, CVS.com, email, and more.

But what happens if you’re not in range of a Wi-Fi network? Kodak also provides both an iPhone and Android app that lets you use your smartphone’s 3G or 4G data connection to transfer photos off of the camera and onto your tablet or smartphone. The app will even resize the photos to make them more suitable for uploading over a 3G or 4G data connection.  Furthermore, the M750 camera itself is intelligent enough to know to conserve power by shutting down its own Wi-Fi network while piggy backing off of a smartphone’s data connection. In addition, the Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera is compatible with Google printing in compatible Kodak printers.

Under the hood the EASYSHARE M750 packs in a 16MP sensor, a Retinar HD 5X optical lens, and the ability to record HD videos at up-to 720P @ 30fps. The Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera will be available in a choice of silver, teal, or red, and it will retail for $169. And there is no doubt about it, the Kodak EASYSHARE M750 is set to go head to head with the recently announced Samsung DV300F, which is Samsung’s first DualView camera with built-in Wifi and shares very similar features and specs to the EASYSHARE M750.

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