FINIS Releases Hydro Tracker GPS For Swimmers

The Hydro Tracker GPS from FINIS works a lot like other fitness accessories – it can map routes, track movement, and record fitness statistics. This one might be one of the first to be specifically designed for swimmers, though, as it is fully waterproof and can be attached to a pair of swimming goggles. Statistics are saved online, and can be accessed using the free online FINIS Streamline Training Log.

Stats recorded include splits, speed, distance traveled, time spent exercising, and elevation. The battery is good for sixteen hours of continuous use, so it should be good to go if you’re planning on taking a weekend excursion and won’t be able to recharge the battery at night. The Hydro Tracker was designed with swimmers in mind, but nothing will stop you from using it to monitor your fitness progress on land, too. You can also strap the device to your arm when you’re out of the water, because running around with swim goggles on isn’t really a good look.

The FINIS Hydro Tracker GPS is available now on FINIS’ website for about $130.