Hello Kitty Heads Off to College

Good News! Hello Kitty might soon be enrolling in your very own alma matter. Plushland is about to release their super soft and cuddly Hello Kitty lineup, each themed for its very own university. Upon launch, The Collegiate Collection of Hello Kitty plush dolls will be available in over 100 of America’s most popular schools.

Each Hello Kitty plush dolls feature a T-Shirt with school colors and a school logo, as well as a bow that matches the shirt and the school color. Plushland’s Hello Kitty Collegiate Collection begins shipping in March. They certainly fit in with Plushland’s slogan: “Huggable. Loveable. Fun.” Hello Kitty, in all of her school pride glory, will be available in two sizes: 6″ and 11″. Each doll will retail for $10 and $20 respectively, and should soon be available for purchase from Plushland.com. What better way to show off your school flair?

Plushland.com also offers the ever popular Hoodie Sock Monkey as well as Hoodie Bears as members of their collegiate collection. Hoodie Sock Monkey is available from keychain size all the way up to 40″, for those who take hugging to new heights! Hoodie Sock Monkey and Hoodie Bear are also featured for a variety of sororities. They are currently available for purchase from Plushland, along with a miriad of other fun and plush items.

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