Mr. Potato Head Gears Up For Batman Dark Knight Rises

Mr. Potato Head is gearing up with his bat suit for this summer’s release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Mr. Potato Head will be fighting crime in Gotham and he features his “mix and match” components, just like the real batman. He comes complete with the batarang, utility belt, mask, suit, cape, and maybe more.

Sadly for most of us, Mr. Potato Head may not be showing his face until June 2012. Until then, you may have to settle for one of PPW Toys Mr. Potato Heads. They have a serious assortment including Elvis, Kiss, Star Trek, Three Stooges, Wizard of Oz, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA Potato Heads (with some special appearances by Mrs. Potato Head). The extreme variety of Mr. Potato Head Toys shouldn’t surprise you. He’s been the master of disguise since his 1952 debut and is currently celebrating his 60th birthday.





All of PPW Toys’ Mr. Potato Heads stand about 6 inches tall. They each come with fun accessories. They can be purchased individually, or sometimes in box sets, like Wizard of Oz, Three Stooges, Star Trek and Kiss. They can be found on Amazon for as little as $7.99, but they mostly float around $15, and a bit more for the sets.

The Mr. Potato Head Batman Edition is currently available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore.com for $17.99.

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